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Becoming a member helps to support our local farming economy. Your membership goes toward seed, supplies, equipment, labor etc… to get us through the season so we can produce for you. By supporting local farming you get to enjoy fresh, seasonal, organic, sustainable meats, dairy and produce. The Horn O Plenty CSA has many varieties of organic vegetables and fruit. As well as organic grass fed beef & lamb. Local free range chicken. Local fish and cage free eggs. We also offer local raw milk cheeses. Horn O Plenty produces most of the foods on our 300 acre farm. We also take pride in carefully sourcing other local sustainable farms for additional products.  

About us:
Horn O Plenty started the first CSA in our region in 2007. Up until 2012 members paid a fee for a "share" and would pick that share up weekly at the farm. The share included whatever was in season and harvested that week. Members had to take what was given to them. Today we have improved the system so our members have a choice. Our new CSA works like an account. Members select their groceries throughout the season. We deduct your selections and discount them for you.  

Why buy a share?
-Your share amount helps us determine how much to grow.  
-CSA members get special offers and privileges. How? Members come first. For example last year we offered our asparagus to members only. Also, when something like our burger is in high demand and short supply, it becomes a members only item.  
-As a member you will get at least 10% off all of our meats and produce.  
-Members always get 10% off their meals at the restaurant. 

Can I add more money later? Yes. However, our CSA has a limited amount of memberships and a cap. Once we reach our max we stop accepting members and payment. Half way through the growing season we reevaluate our crop inventory and decide whether to accept new members or allow existing member to add money to their account. At that time you may have a choice on a first come first serve basis to add to you account. 

220 Wolfsburg Road, Bedford, PA 15522  (814) 623-0522
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(eating local) $1000
(large) $500
(medium) $350
(small) $250
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