​OUR MISSION is to nurture a sustainable connection between our restaurant and local farmers and the land we all share. We also strive to build a community which links the people who produce and serve our food and our restaurant customers. Thus, the seasonably focused and ingredient driven menu will reflect the local harvest and we will bring our eaters the best of each season on a daily basis. Because the owners of our restaurant are part of the local farming community themselves, it will be possible to serve the freshest local produce at every season. Through our intimate connection with our own farm and those of our neighbors, we intend to nurture a close relationship between the people who grow the food and those who eat it. we also want to support the growth of agriculture in our beautiful part of western Pennsylvania, strengthening our own community, and local economy.

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Our Mission
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We want to make real food accessible to customers who want lunch as well as those who want a fine dining experience. Our cooks and servers will also work on our farm and thus will have an intimate knowledge of where your food came from. Imagine the opportunity to participate in an informed three way conversation linking producers, servers and customers. Above all we want to be part of the sustainable farm movement, and to provide our customers with a unique and satisfying dining experience.